Fee Schedule

Ripon Area Fire District
Fee Structure
Adopted August, 2022 Updated February 7, 2023
Fire Inspections
Small (1 - 25,000 Square Feet)$65.00
Medium (25,001 to 100,000 square feet)$350.00
Large (greater than 100,000 square feet)$425.00
Hotel/MotelAdditional $15 per room
Fire Re-Inspections
1rstNo Charge
2ndNo Charge
Response Fees
Fire Alarm/Smoke Detector Activation$50
Fire Alarm/Smoke same reason after 3rd time until repaired$150
Structure Fire Unintentional$500 Includes Dwelling Units and Accessory Structures
Structure Fire Intentionally Set$500 plus cost
Other Structure Fires$500 per structureIf the actual cost of responding to such a structure fire exceeds the $500 fee per structure, then the additional actual cost in excess of the $500 fee may be assessed according to the hourly fees set forth except that the owner(s) of such structures(s) shall only be responsible for the excess costs that are paid by the owner's insurance company.
Any Fire Intentionally Set and Out of Control$500 plus cost
Intentional Fires - Controlled BurnsIf in compliance with municipal codes, no charge. If not in compliance, actual cost of response assessed to resident and/or property owner in full according to hourly fee schedule.
Pull Station Alarm Malicious$500
Hazardous Materials$250 plus costs
Vehicle Small Leak$50
Large Leak$200 plus
Vehicle Fire$500
Natural Gas Leaks
Taxpayer Building$100
Residential Construction Gas Leak$50
Commercial/Commercial Construction Related$500
Power Line Down Due to Human Error$200
Fires Other (garbage can, stove, misc.)$100
Vehicle Accident$500 per vehicle involvedIncludes response to automobile accident including byt not limited to emergency response, accudents and fires
If the actual cost of responing to an automobile incident exceeds the Vehicle Accident Fee per vehicle, then the additional actual cost in excess of the per vehicle fee shall be divided by the number of vehicles involved and assessed as: Residental/Owners of property within the District are not charged extra fee, Non-Residents/Owners according to the Hourly Fee Schedule per response vehicle.
Fire Out Investigation$100
Hourly Fee Schedule
First Engine1rst Hour$130
2nd Hour$120
Second Engine1rst Hour$90
2nd Hour$70
Tender1rst Hour$55
2nd Hour$45
SquadEvery Hour$70
Grass UnitEvery Hour$70
FirefighterEvery Hour Per Person$16.50
Additional Fees
Foam$25 per gallon
Drone$150 per hour
Oil Dry$75 per bucket
Dive Team$100 per hour per diver
C/O Team$80 per hour
*Dwelling Unit is defined as one or more rooms arranged for the use of one or more individuals living together as a single housekeeping unit with cooking, living, sanitary and sleeping facilities. For purpose of Structure Fire Charges, a two-family duplex fwelling unit shall be considered a Dwelling Unit.
** Accessory Structure is defined as a structure customarily incidental or subordinate to a Dwelling Unit and located on the same lot with the Dwelling Unit.
*** As a matter of public policy, no charge will be assessed for District response to: Carbon Monoxide Response, Radon Response, EMS Assists, Acts of God and Natural Disasters
Fire Prevention Duties
Fire Extinguisher Training$50 per extinguisher used
Hydro Test$100 per check date
Fire alarm final/final occupancy approval$100 per occupancy
Fire alarm test due to repairs$100 per test
Restting of own fire alarm fine (after 2nd time)$500 each
Non-reporting of fire per state statute in business/multi-family$500
Special Occupancy$100 each
System repair follow-up approval$100 each
Fire report copes$5.00 each
Special event/fire watch$30/per man hour
All other fire prevention duties$100
Food trailers/carnival rides/Fireworks/Tent$50