C. Recreational fires. "Recreational fires" are defined as small campfires on private property, small fires confined to pits, portable fire pits, portable fireplaces, and chimneys. Requirements for having a recreational fire that comply with the City of Ripon municipal ordinance regulating such fires are as follows:

1. All fireplaces/chimney units may only be used on concrete or other noncombustible surfaces. The use of a unit on a wooden deck, porch, patio, or under an overhang is prohibited.

2. Material for recreational fires shall not include rubbish, garbage, recyclable items, trash, any material made of or coated with rubber, plastic, leather, or petroleum-based materials, and shall not contain any flammable or combustible liquids. Only the burning of dry non-treated wood is acceptable. No lawn clippings, construction materials, garbage, or other yard waste is permitted.

3. All recreational fires shall be attended at all times by at least one responsible person of age eighteen or older. The fire must be completely extinguished before the fireplace is left unsupervised.

4. The renter/lessee of any rented/leased property must provide signed documentation from the legal property owner giving permission to have a recreational fire on that property.

5. The property owner and/or person who have started any recreational fire shall hold the city harmless from any and all such liability for any damage caused by a recreational fire.

6. Any party who has started or maintains a recreational fire as defined herein shall pay any and all costs incurred by the fire department for any service-related call as a result of a recreational fire not in compliance with the requirements of this section.

D. The fire chief or designee and the chief of police or designee may jointly approve and issue permits to property owners for special events or purposes.

(Ord. No. 1351, 11-23-09).

(Ord. No. 1400, 6-12-12)