Firefighter Qualifications

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  • Starting pay: $10.70 per hour plus stipends and periodic raises
  • Usually flexible around family and full time job requirements
  • All training, uniforms and personal protective equipment provided
  • Join one of the specialized teams: Dive Team, Fire Investigations, the Rapid Intervention Team, the Drone Team, Youthful Fire Setter, and/or the Honor Guard (Special Teams)
  • Participate in community outreach (education and special events)
  • Become part of the RAFD Family, make some awesome new friends, find mutual support, and participate in social activities throughout the year with the spouses, significant others, and kids too!

Firefighter Requirements

  1. Live in the Ripon Area Fire District or within 7 miles from fire station
  2. High school graduate or equivalent
  3. At least 18 years of age
  4. Possess a valid driver’s license with a clean driving record
  5. No criminal record
  6. Pass a medical examination, drug test, and stay drug free

Cadets: Cadets are junior (unpaid) members of the volunteer fire department and they

  • Must be in a high school education program with a letter of recommendation from an educator and remain in good standing throughout the Cadet program
  • Must be 15-18 years of age and provide own transportation to the fire station
  • Participate in training activities (twice a month - usually on Monday nights)
  • Respond on fire trucks to emergency calls and perform assigned duties under the supervision of a senior firefighter. (Signed waiver required)
  • Understand that fire department activities are restricted until becoming a paid firefighter at age 18
  • Understand that being a firefighter can be a dangerous job. Strict laws exist to protect Cadets from the most hazardous dangers. For example, a Cadet will never enter a burning building

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